D&L recognizes that our customers put us in a position of trust. In many cases where products cannot be tested before release our customers may not be able to judge the quality of the products they purchase from us. We are cognizant of this responsibility and take it seriously.

We strive to protect our customers from an understandable lack of knowledge of the foreign languages we work in. While the end user does possess this knowledge and ability to judge, he or she is undoubtedly too far removed from our customers and our processes and too daunted by the effort to lodge criticism for any feedback to take place. And that's too late anyway.

Therefore, at D&L we do whatever it takes up front to eliminate error from our work. As a company we do what is humanly possible to produce work of a quality that satisfies us and makes us proud, independent of whether or not our customers demand a given level of quality. We view quality as a chain of responsibility. We stand behind the work we provide to our customers, and we require our vendors to stand behind the work they do that is implemented in D&L's final products. This extends to financial responsibility and is based on meeting the level of quality indicated in D&L's written   protocols.