Our services include:

D&L is committed to developing ongoing, long-term partnerships with our clients. This commitment mandates a dedication to personal service, high quality work, and sensitivity to our clients' cost goals and timelines


D&L excels at professional, high quality technical translation and document management. A translated technical publication must accurately reflect the content and meaning of the source language document and read as if it were originally written in the target language. To achieve this goal, we apply the following principles:

We understand the value of quality work. Review cycles, including a final visual QA, ensure that the translated publication matches the formatting standard of the original document in every respect before it is released.

Turnaround is another important aspect of a project. We will work closely with your tech pubs department or development team to make sure that we understand and agree on the timeline before work commences.

D&L completes complex technical translation projects by the following:

With years of experience in technical translation, D&L can translate documentation for almost any product, but we focus on subjects such as semiconductors, audio equipment, optical systems, network security, telecommunications hardware and software, and computer hardware and software.


D&L is specialist in a wide variety of digital document publishing for Catalogs/Brochures, Newsletters, Technical/User Manuals, and  Reports.

We have the resources, and experience to help you create, maintain, convert, interchange and distribute the information for the technical publications.

Our experienced DTP Artists  will carefully follow and preserve formatting style or help you develop suitable style that can be used for the life-cycle of a documentation.


Good project management requires responsiveness, a high degree of detail-orientation, and just plain experience. The project management team at D&L delivers these skills. A single project manager oversees your project and acts as your prime point of contact, available to you at all times. 

Our Project Management Model


Key elements of successful website localization:


This process entails translating relevant software and adapting the user interface to work with a specific language.

 English into Portuguese Content Support

In addition to language translation, creating a cultural adaptation, adjusting site content to the needs of the target market, maintaining quality of content, cultural relevancy, and a distinct corporate identity.

English into Portuguese  Site Maintenance

Web content is not static; frequent updates must be rapidly localized. This requires the ability to organize, track, and synchronize changes. Our translation memory database accommodates site updates and facilitate simultaneous site releases.